I spend my days making real country artists famous and my nights creating a fictional country artist who I hope becomes famous. Real artist? Jason Aldean. Fictional artist? Meet Austin Garrett…

Promises to Me

(Coming soon)

Christine Matthews has finally accepted the devastating, untimely death of her fiancé, Kevin. Knowing she needs to start over, she moves to Nashville and begins her dream job as a song plugger. Now, she spends her days listening to music and finding the perfect song to match with the right artist. When it works, it’s musical magic, resulting in #1 hits. Christine prefers a quiet personal life to the industry’s party scene. This all changes when she’s ditched at an awards show by her best friends, Julianna and Phoebe, and thanks to a broken shoe, is sprawled out on the street in front of the tour bus of Nashville’s hot new male singing sensation, Austin Garrett. Austin recognizes her as the woman who pitched him his recent #1 hit, Promises To Me, and invites her to be his date at the awards show. Millions of people are watching as he sits beside her, whispering in her ear, thrilling her with his attention. It’s an evening dreams are made of. Overnight, Christine goes from being unknown to recognized, but is instantly deflated when she sees Austin’s social media. His fans cyberbully her for not being good-looking enough to date him. They are brutally mean, just like the classmates who abused her in high school. Her best option is to stay away from Austin, but her boss sees her relationship with the hit-making singer as a way to save their company financially and encourages her to continue seeing him.

Austin instantly feels a connection to Christine. She becomes his personal 9-1-1 go-to call. Whether he’s locked outside a woman’s apartment drunk, without half his clothes on, or passed out under the statue of the naked dancing people on the town square, he calls on both Christine and his tour manager, Matt, to bail him out. But Christine isn’t attracted to Austin; she’s attracted to Matt. Every stolen glance and accidental touch gives her body a long-forgotten jolt. Matt, however, downplays his attraction to Christine for fear of upsetting Austin. When Austin starts dating her friend, Phoebe, Christine assumes his fans will leave her alone. Yet the public still believes she and Austin are together. As more people see Christine with Austin, the cyberbullying worsens. Comments are made about the size of her thighs, her weight, and her looks—high school all over again. The bullying morphs into stalking, resulting in a physical attack that lands her in the hospital. Her life is now in danger. Christine cuts off all contact with Austin, and by association, Matt.

Months later, Austin has a tour date traveling through Christine’s hometown, and her high school acquaintances ask if they can meet him. Christine sees this as her chance to erase her horrible memories of high school and decides it’s worth the risk. Julianna devises a plan to keep her safe, and they travel to the show. Everything is going great until Christine is discovered missing.